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Vegetable Washing & Grading

Vegie Washer

  • Galvanised steel construction
  • 750mm wide, lined with grass carpet
  • 10 x 125mm diameter brushes
  • SS drive shafts in brushes
  • Direct drive with gearbox
  • 3 lines of overhead sprays
  • Waterproof switch for single phase motor
  • Adjustable legs to change angle

Shallot Washer

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Custom built
  • Various sizes of rotary tables
  • Adjustable spray jets top and bottom
  • Recycle washing water
  • High volume single phase pump

Hydraulic Bin Tipper

  • Bin tipper custom built
  • Strong RHS frame
  • Compact hydraulic unit single or 3 phase

Soak Tank

  • Stainless Steel construction.
  • Drain hatches for easy cleaning and large circulating pump.
  • Stainless elevator with variable speed control.

Transplanting & Harvesting


  • Ferrari transplanter planter heads
  • Easy to change plant spacings
  • Built in fork slipper for easy loading
  • Racks for extra transplant trays
  • Sturdy RHS frame
  • Lugged drive tyres enables planting in wet conditions
  • Accurate plant spacings

Harvest Aids

  • Main frame strong steel construction on 3ptl with height adjustable hydraulic skids.
  • Aluminium boom that folds for easy transport.
  • Fitted with pump for onboard spraying or washing.
  • Hydraulic controls for boom adjustment and belt speed.
  • Fold down wing for pallet storage.
  • Platforms both sides for stacking crates/boxes.
  • Custom made harvest aids also available.

Rear Forks

  • Heavy construction
  • Custom built to requirements

Irrigation – Sales & Service

Crane truck for full service and repairs on all bore pumps and irrigation equipment. Full range of pump column, sockets, stainless steel line shafts, bearing retainers, turbine pumps and spare parts.

Recondition and repairs to centrifugal irrigation pumps and sales. Installation of motor pumps on creek banks fitted on tracks for easy removal in flood conditions. Pump bases fabricated and fitted with pipework and fittings for all applications.

2”, 3” and 4” aluminium irrigation couplings.

Full range of aluminium irrigation fittings in all sizes including bungs, tees, reducers, starters and crosses.

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